Inventory Solutions | LED Light Fixture Specialists in GA

Our Just-in-Time Inventory Solution creates value for Lighting Contractors.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Our Just-in-Time inventory program will satisfy the needs of contractors who want short lead times to meet the demands of their customers. This reduction in lead time helps to deliver lighting projects on time and on budget.

Improves Contractor-Customer Relationships

Having to rely on the timeliness of large lighting manufacturers for each order puts contractors at risk of delaying projects. Not meeting customers’ expectations, can jeopardize business and create revenue shortfalls. Our just-In-Time inventory program helps you to meet your customers’ demanding expectations.

Reduces Inventory investments

Our Just-In-Time inventory program is ideal for smaller contractors who have fewer dollars available to purchase large amounts of stock at one time. Ordering product as and when it’s needed helps to maintain a healthy cash flow.

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