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Custom financing

We offer a customized lease option that can allow you to use the monthly energy and maintenance savings to off-set the investment to upgrade your building to energy efficient LED lighting. When you combine custom financing with accelerated depreciation, there is an immediate positive impact on cash.

Accelerated depreciation

An IRS-accepted and common real estate strategy to accelerate depreciation on building assets. This method of generating current-year cash is typically not considered when investing in a lighting upgrade. There are several ways to incorporate these tax incentives and Partners Energy Solutions can provide this service. If you are looking for the shortest payback, a way to off-set the need for up-front cash – and in some cases, generate immediate positive cash flow – we can help.

Qualified tax deductions

Partners Energy Solutions understands that most lighting upgrades qualify for current year tax deduction, which have the potential to off-set the need for cash by as much as 60% to more than 100% of the turnkey investment to upgrade your energy efficient lighting.

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